Street food in MongKok, Hong Kong

Street food in MongKok, Hong Kong

I loved walking around Mongkok - there's just so much to see. We stopped by this one bakery because Adam wanted to grab a bite to eat real quick. This local bakery was like heaven to me. Yea, sure. There are Cantonese/ Hong Kong style bakeries back in New York but they become nothing compared to the real ones in Hong Kong.


Check out these dan tats, or egg tarts. There are 2 kinds of crust - a cookie crust or a flaky crust. I love them both but most of the time I go with the cookie crust because it's less messy to eat, and I like the crunchiness. And look at the price!! It's only $2.50HK per tart compared to bakeries in New York which they charge $1US, that's $8HK, per tart!


Here are some other traditional cakes and pastries. NOM NOM!


The Pineapple Bun. Don't be fooled, there's actually no pineapples inside this bun :) It's called that because this bun simply looks like a pineapple. (Okay, this bakery doesn't do it quite right.)


OMG. I LOVE the shredded coconut bun!!


I like cakes from Hong Kong style bakeries because they're never too sweet, and they're super creative most of the time. Beside the typical chocolate and vinilla, they offer great flavors like green tea, mango, red bean... It's truly where "east meets west" :)


Green Tea Mousse Cake, it's only $10HK ($1.30US) a piece!


Chicken Pies, anyone? :)


When you're in Hong Kong, you gotta try street food. There're some classics like 雞蛋仔 gai dan jai (mini hot cakes), fish balls, fish shu mai. Just all kinds of food on sticks :)


I picked up a bag of salt and pepper squid that was crunchy and chewy. Street food in Hong Kong can often go in and out of trends, but the salt and pepper squid is a true classic.


Don't forget the 雞蛋仔 gai dan jai (mini hot cakes). This is the original. You might be able to find them in other flavors like chocolate, green tea, etc...


And this is what ice-cream trucks look like in Hong Kong :)