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New York Choice Eats 2013

Food, EventKayiuNew York
New York Choice Eats 2013

HOLY EATS. I just want to say "All you can eat. All you can drink. Stuff that face with some damn good food from 50+ restaurants."


A couple friends and I went to New York Choice Eats 2013 over at the Lexington Armory last week. I was so seriously stuffed with a ridiculously amount of good food. All those small bites really did add up after tasting from a dozen of places. Going into this for the first time, I didn't really have an idea what it is all about. Let me just tell you, YOU need to go experience this amazing event (next year) and you won't be leaving that place disappointed.

Check out this line that wrapped around the entire block to get in!


First stop! The Meatball Shop! They had these Buffalo Chicken Meatballs. Yes, you read that right. Give me a big bowl of it, please.


Yunnan Kitchen had these Tofu Ribbons. They were good but it wasn't anything out of the ordinary for me. It's very similar to the tofu skin you can buy at the Asian grocery store. The kind that is used for some of the dim sum rolls.


Yes. PORCHETTA. And their Porchetta Crostini. I felt like the toast was a little bit too hard but the meat was AMAZING.


Fanny had this Chilled Lobster Bisque which I found... bland, and waterdown.


Next, Joe Dough. Joe Doe. Joe Dough. Joe Doe. HEEEELLO, Buttermilk Biscuits with Honey-Butter and House Breakfast Style Sausage! Everything about this goodness was made in heaven, probably by one of the angels with fluffy white wings. That was some serious eats and serious flavor!


I found Fletcher's Brooklyn Barbecue decent. The pork slider was GREAT. A lot of flavor and a perfect bite.


The next three images PACKED with desserts? Who else but Carlo's? I really wanted to take one of each but my body told me I really shouldn't. So I chose the Chocolate-Dipped Cannoli, and didn't look back. It was a perfectly fine decision because the cannoli was too good to miss.


Right next to Carlo's was Ample Hills Creamery. My friend, Lisa, swore that they are one of the best ice-cream places in NY. I thought their ice-cream was okay but we did go by there twice! I had the Ooey Gooey Butter Cake and the Mexican Hot Chocolate, and both were delicious.


Ditch Plains had these Ditch Dogs which are Hot Dogs topped with Mac n' Cheese. I just wasn't that impressed by it.


OOOOOOOOOHH. John Brown Smokehouse, I love you (and your Pastrami Sliders). That was one of my favorites and highlights of the night. I don't eat Pastrami often but I always liked the texture of the meat. And gosh, JBS makes mean Pastrami Sliders for sure. They're in Long Island City but I would definitely consider going there all the way from Brooklyn because they're JUST THAT GOOD.


What is a Kolache? I'm still not quite sure but they're reeeeally good. Brooklyn Kolache set their hearts out to spread the pastry love, and offered many different types on their table. It's fluffy, comforting, and real tasty!


Oh my god. I think I might have just found another Gin that I truly adore. Thank you, Bulldog!


Please move over and let me eat a dozen of these little sandwich slices. In fact, I will just take the WHOLE sandwich before you cut it. Thank you. Holy Cow, Xe May, you did it. The "Hog" Sandwich. How did you make this so damn delicious? HOW?? That was my favorite thing to eat at Choice Eats. It was unforgettable. That's how good it was.


Dirt Candy. I like that name, and I liked what they had. Their Cherry Tomato Tart with Smoked Feta tasted fresh, classy, and flavorful.


Ommegang. One of my favs served in the little tasting glass. How adorbs!


Last but not least, Del Posto. I was too full by this point, so I didn't have their Farro-Walnut Burgers. I did have one of their Almond Joy Bastoncini which was surprising good but I couldn't describe what it was exactly.


Finally, we grabbed our goodie bags, and ended the night with our minds and bodies stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.


It was a huge successful experience for me and I enjoyed it a whole lot. Thanks Lisa, Lauren, and Christine for the company! Until next time, step out of your comfort zone and try something new today!

Also check out Choice Streets, set for May 7th!